A new entry system will be implemented for 2017. (Same as Stellenbosch) To avoid confusion and inquiries,  2 training sessions for affiliates will be held at Somerset West Primary School on Thursday  20 April 2017 and Friday 21 April 2017. All participating schools MUST send at least one person to the training sessions. If your school did not attend one the training sessions, you would not be able to participate this year. Please send an e-mail to djverdoes@mweb.co.za with Subject :”HE Training” and content : Name, School, Cell nr, Division (eg. Speech, Piano, etc) if you are interested in joining one of the training sessions.

Entries will  be open from 5 May 2017 until 5 June 2017.


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The Helderberg Eisteddfod saw the first light in 2001 in Somerset West.
During the years that followed this non-profit organisation provided a platform for a large variety of cultural activities.
A growing amount of learners from the Helderberg basin participates in this annual event, held during August.